Spa Salon Marketing – You’re Fired!!

Spa Salon Marketing – You’re Fired!!

spa salon marketing

Yes! She’s Fired!!

In every Salon there is one staff member that is high maintenance!  They spit the dummy at every turn, love drama in front of the clients, and keep the other staff members in continual turmoil.

I can see you’re nodding your head in agreement, so you know what I am talking about. Spa Salon Marketing

Let me ask you a question – Have you thought of but NEVER dared dream of  Saying YOUR FIRED!  Well today is your lucky day, you are going to get up enough courage after read through this to turn that dream into reality.

The Dream … you go into the staff room where all her belongings are usually kept, discreetly grab hold of her personal tools, guide her quietly to the front of your shop, yes you are with me and kick her butt out of your shop.

Spa Salon Marketing: The Reality

Drama Queen, High Maintenance, Nuisance

  • Her first client is usually a 9.15 on a Monday morning.
  • She runs late, arrives 9.30 – normal starting time. 8.45 Excuse different every time, must have a book with 101 excuses to tell your boss hidden away.
  • Every lunch time is spent away from the shop and she is always 5-10 minutes late back
  • You ask her to go to the Bank but as well as doing that she has a coffee with her boyfriend
  • You ask her to get you some stock from the local wholesaler and is gone an hour (10 minute walk)
  • If things don’t go her way she spits the dummy and sulks for the rest of the day
  • She bad mouths you with the clients when she is in this mood.
  • She texts you that she is sick, this always happens around a long week-end
  • She always has a Wedding, Funeral or Christening to go to on a Saturday
  • She tells you there is no-one else that can do what she does – she is the greatest!

I could go on, but I am sure you could add your own list under mine.

spa salon marketing

Spa Salon Marketing: ACTION PLAN

Keep a track of all Monday appointments that start at 9.15 OR 9.30 under her name

Keep a track of all her afternoon appointments – you will start to see a pattern here.

Record the times she goes in the bank or any other assignment you ask her to do, i.e. go to the wholesalers to collect an order that is sitting there waiting.

Ask her for a Doctors Certificate every time she is away.

See where I am going here.  Gather the evidence.

You present to her with all your findings.  If she is a casual, just walk her to the door with all her belonging when the salon is empty (they just love drama) and get rid of her. Do not look back……

If she is a full timer then you need to present your findings in writing and call the Fed Rep. before you do anything and know exactly where you stand. Salon Marketing Ideas

Why Should You Fire??

Bottom line:  Because staff members like the one described, are like a toxic waste dump and a complete drain on your business. They destroy your salon because they don’t really care. You end up losing cash. You fold. They walk away and get another job.

NOTE: Firing can be made a whole lot easier, if you have a Policy and Procedures Manual that covers everything from opening the Salon to closing the salon and all the bits in between – NON PERFORMANCE as stated within the manual.

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