Salon Marketing Workplace Conflict – Is Your Salon Affected?

Salon Marketing Workplace Conflict – Is Your Salon Affected?

beauty salon marketingFor some strange reason, many Salon Owners accept and believe that conflict in the workplace is a fact of life.  I am Aghast that this low standard is accepted, and more aghast that steps to ameliorate the situation do not seem to happen. Salon Marketing Kits

Everyone has a different personality, but that should enhance your salon and not detract from it. I believe conflict is not a bad thing, as long as it is handled correctly, it can actually, lead to personal and professional growth, but and a big but here, if not handled and minimized can cause such bad vibes in your salon, your staff and customer retention can suffer to the point you can lose your business.

Spa Salon Marketing: Is Your Salon Affected?

When recently investigating the deeper issues of conflict in the workplace, I came across this statement “The good news is that by resolving conflict successfully, you can solve many of the problems that it has brought to the surface, as well as getting benefits that you might not at first expect:

  • Increased understanding: The discussion needed to resolve conflict expands people’s awareness of the situation, giving them an insight into how they can achieve their own goals without undermining those of other people.
  • Increased group cohesion: When conflict is resolved effectively, team members can develop stronger mutual respect and a renewed faith in their ability to work together.
  • Improved self-knowledge: Conflict pushes individuals to examine their goals in close detail , helping them understand the things that are most important to them, sharpening their focus, and enhancing their effectiveness.” (Source:

Salon Marketing Ideas: Lets Take Each of the Points in Question

Increased understanding: This covers many issues and from where I sit knowing how Salons operate after having multiple salons, increased understanding can cover many areas.  Firstly, to get everyone on the same page, with some of the tasks in a salon that may cause conflict as one does it this way and other does it that way and another has not clue, is to have a Policy and Procedures manual so every task is done according to the manual.  Any conflict, reference is then made to the manual.  End of story.

Insights into themselves and how they can achieve their goals, is an easy one, Self Evaluation.  Each of your staff should have a performance evaluation every 3 months.  By using the Self Evaluation System with your staff, (If you have not got one in place, Expert Salon marketing has one you can purchase for a Nominal amount – once in your salon, use it over and over) you will find your staff become happier, feel as though you think they are worthwhile, and any shortcomings in their performance or attitude they bring up, thus allowing you to help them with any issues or further training needed.

Increased Group Cohesion: This can be achieved so easily by Dynamic Staff meetings once per week, where each individual person is recognised for their performance.  Also you can set “Team Goals – The Team Will achieve   XYZ, ZYX “in a month. … You choose, in later blog post I will be discussing team motivation and cohesion in greater detail.

Also I would like you to think – A team is as good as its leader.  So, if you the business owner have a Salon manager, they need to be pretty darn good at giving and earning respect from their team, inspiring their team, which in turn will lean towards the team being motivated.

If negativity, shoddy workmanship and a total lack of care of staff comes from the top, then you might as well shut up shop, as you will not “Win friends and influence people” and have a happy salon where customers come and feel totally relaxed and are willing to part with their money on a regular basis.  They will stay away in droves, they will “Feel” the negativity seep through the ether.

Sorry if this offends you but it is true.

Also I should mention here, if you have any new team members, a good staff induction is necessary, as this takes the pressure of longer serving team members, having to teach them the basics of your salon operation.  So Quality staff Induction and a Policy and procedures manual also means increased group cohesion.

Improved Self-knowledge – Again, a team approach, to personal development, also having everyone using a self assessment form for their 3 monthly work assessments, helps to improve this.  You are not judging each staff member, they are judging themselves. Beauty Salon Marketing

Please contact me if you have any questions or join our forum.  I am also available for 1 or 1 Mentoring, just contact me to discuss how this goes.

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