Salon Marketing: Are You Tired of Dealing With The Daily Grind In Your Salon?

And Can Your Salon Run Smoothly Without You Or Does It Fall Apart Without You?

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Been there got the T. Shirt. As a salon owner, you want everything in your salon to run like clockwork, whether you are in attendance or not; and a Policy and Procedures Manual allows for this. Salon Marketing Kits

This will ensure your Salon is a ‘Cut above the rest’.

Salon Marketing: Problems, With No Salon Procedures Manual in Place

  • Salon Rules (that’s a big topic, don’t get me started on this one)
  • Stylist walks out at short notice
  • Do you have problems with staff discipline
  • Absolutely no commitment or accountability
  • Is your Salon as successful as you want it
  • Do you have to be in attendance at all times in order for your salon to run correctly

Benefits with Salon Marketing Procedures Manual in Place

  • Sets clear, precise and easy to follow standards, systems and procedures
  • Becomes part of your induction of all new staff members, and saves time with all repetitive training
  • Can be referred to when needed for disciplinary action
  • Allows for consistent high standards to be achieved by all staff members as it shows your staff that your salon is 100% professional
  • Provides your staff with a complete framework of what is expected of them e.g. behaviour

Some of the Categories included are:

Money Handling Customer Complaints
Hygiene/Cleaning Salon Administration
Salon Administration Staff Grooming
Customer Complaints Health and Safety
Reception Disciplinary Procedures
Staff Security Salon Management
Disciplinary Procedures Opening Procedure
Health and Safety Closing Procedure
Staff Management Leave Entitlements

» Click here for the full list of what is included «

All of us at Expert Salon Marketing realize that many salons do not have such a document to guide them, because the Salon owner just is too busy to sit and write such a document. With this in mind, and our years of experience in this industry, we have created the “Hair Salon and Spa/Beauty Policy and Procedures Manual.

  • All that is required to run a Salon and take you to the next level as your Salon continues to grow
  • Do you have to be in attendance at all times in order for your salon to run correctly?
  • Does your staff have clear and concise systems to adhere to
  • Do you have problems with staff discipline?
  • Do you need help with staff induction

We can also assist you with editing this and see the tab for this extra service.

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