Salon Marketing Personal Development Program/Salon Coaching

Salon Roadmap

salon marketingA complete guide as to how you should implement your Evergreen Salon Marketing System that will provide you with more freedom in your Salon and will take all the thinking out of this.

This step by step guide will allow you as a Salon owner take your Salon to the next level.

12 Months Marketing Calender.

This will take all the hard Work of having to think of ideas to get more bums on seats and get them to spend more money in your Salon.

Expert Salon Marketing Coaching

salon marketingHow many times I have heard Salon owners just wanting to discuss their issues with either a Salon Coach or a colleague, but it’s expensive.

Having gone through this issue myself I know how valuable your time is and you want to spend this as wisely and as productively as you can.

Salon Marketing Ideas: YOU WANT RESULTS

Of course you do and I am more than happy to provide you with coaching sessions at a predetermined time and date to be mutually agreed.

We can together go through what your needs are and so would be good for you to prepare a list of questions and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS if you follow the advice step by step.

You will receive one to one personal coaching to discuss strategies in implementing this Gold Management System in your Salon.

You will receive four coaching session’s half hour each over a 6 week period to assist you through the Evergreen System, and Kim will assist you all the way.

Conducted via Skype to Skype calls with Kim herself.