Salon Marketing Ideas: Starting Your Week with a Bang!

Salon Marketing Ideas: Starting Your Week with a Bang!

Starting Your Week with a Bang! | Expert Salon Marketing

To be, or not to be” is the famous opening phrase in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. In the play Hamlet questions the meaning of life, and whether or not it is worthwhile to stay alive when life contains so many hardships.  The answer he comes to by the way is,  that main reason to stay alive is due to the fear of death and the uncertainty of what lies beyond …

Many salon owners go through the same kind of questioning, “To Own a Salon or not to own a salon” as each week they face so many hardships especially financial it becomes almost unbearable and overwhelming.

So, let’s talk about YOUR Salon and YOU – by the end of the week and for most Salons it is Saturday, questions such as these start flooding your mind.


Salon Marketing Ideas

Salon Marketing Ideas


  • How did I go this week?
  • How much money did I make?
  • Can I pay my outstanding bills?
  • How are the appointments for next week?
  • Can I afford to keep the staff on?

I could go on, but I won’t as honestly, we all do it.  I know I asked many questions at the end of the week, when I had my string of Salons, but my questioning, I knew would bring results, as I always had a plan for the coming week.  It is heart breaking to think many salon owners would ask such questions, and have nothing but a big black hole, staring them in the face.

The difference between me and other successful salon owners, compared with a salon looking down the barrel of insolvency or bankruptcy is the fact that we tracked and measured everything as part of an overall salon business plan, and always had a book full of what I call “Salon Marketing Ideas”.

Beauty Salon Marketing: A Simple, Easy Salon Plan for You That Will Turn Your Profits Around QUICKLY

The day you and your staff return to work after your week-end break, you have a staff meeting.  I would advise you book no clients in that first hour – and have your staff come in 30 minutes earlier.

With your staff you review the week gone by, the highs, the lows.  How successful they were at up-selling the clients.  Up-selling should be part and parcel of your staff’s day, when they have a client in front of them.  E.g., “Mary, you know I would suggest, a few foils, here and here, it would brightening up the hair, and really set of your amazing facial features”.

I know when I went to have my have hair cut and coloured the other day, I only booked in for 5 foils, but I was up-sold another 5.

See where I am going here … how would your salon go with an extra 5 foil sold with every cut and colour that came in?

Take notes, see where you and your staff could do better.

Then Book yourself out of the appointment book (now I know already you are thinking “But I will lose money if I do this”) but, what I can tell you is you will make more money by adopting this simple system than you would have ‘on the tools’.

Then leave the salon with your notes from your staff meeting and notes on the last week’s performance. Take a 2 hour coffee break in one of your local coffee shops and piece all the information together.

Salon Marketing: Make a List of Questions Pertaining to All Your Information – For Example –

How many colours did you sell?  Only 5 last week that will make you say $500 (simple examples).

  • How many had foils?
  • How many foils per average per head of hair
  • How many new clients did you get?
  • Where did those new clients come from?
  • How many rebookings?
  • Did every staff member rebook an appointment?
  • Was any product sold?

See where I am going here?  The more questions you ask the better.

Then take each question you listed and ask yourself ‘why’ –

Again an example, Why only 5 colours?  When you get an answer, write beside it what is needed to make a change in that area, for the coming week, and the weeks after.

After you have done this for EVERY question, then go back and discuss things with your staff, you all need to be on the same page.

Within your questioning, you will come up with and should come up with ideas for salon marketing.  (Don’t forget we can help you here)

Each week if you do as suggested above and put things into place, keep up to date with your marketing you will see substantial improvements.

Instead of 5 colours for a week, you now are doing 10, instead of 3-5 foils, you are doing 8-10, instead of 2 shampoos and conditioners, and 1 hair spray, sold you are selling, 6 shampoo and conditioners and 5 hair sprays.

Make a small chart so you can then monitor all your weekly reviews and with the passing weeks, it will be good to look back and see where you have gained and lost, Again arming you with information that is vital for your sustained growth.

Remember:  You cannot grow what you don’t measure.

Is the above hard work? No, is it necessary work YES, YES, YES!  This will ALSO assist you greatly in your KPI’s (key performance indicators) and will help you take ‘control’ of what is happening in your business salon marketing online.

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