Salon Marketing: “How To” Get Clients WITHOUT Too Much Effort?

Salon Marketing: “How To” Get Clients WITHOUT Too Much Effort?

HOW??  That is what you saying right?  Easy!

A Simple Referral program!

Now I can just hear a gasp from many of you –

Many of you will think “Fantastic, show me how, I think that is one great idea for my salon”

Then others will think “A referral Programme, Man do they want to send me broke?  Far, Far to costly!” and will dismiss the idea, and never read on. Salon Marketing Kits

Sad but true!

What is also true is that a referral program is not costly, and can make you heaps of money!

Look last night, I paid my staff overtime and sent out for some Chinese, Ribs, plus plenty of Chocolate bars for dessert, and asked them to come up with an extremely affordable, cost effective best ever Referral Program.

Results =  An Effective, easy to implement programme, that you can even get your junior to implement for you if you are so busy!

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Salon Marketing: What Did They Come Up With and How Does It Work?

Firstly, you use your own clients.

The idea is simply using your business cards

  • On the front Referral Program
  • Your logo and usual information
  • Back of card.
  • Existing client name
  • New client
  • Date booked

Your clients will be given 5 of these referral business cards to pass out to their friends, work mates or family.

We found the cheapest place to buy business cards was via Last time we ordered they cost us $65 per 1000 in colour!  The job they did was stunning.

In return for recommending their friends etc., the client will get either a FREE service from your salon worth XYZ or a HUGE discount to make it worthwhile for them to tell others about you.  Remember one thing – MONEY TALKS!

I am in Favour of offering a huge discount – you keep enough to cover the cost of the product for service you have chosen to discount

For Example, let’s say you offer $60 off their next service, say that includes having colour work, cut etc.  Now the colour has only really cost you say $5 = $10 at the very most plus your labour.

If in beauty it could be $XYZ off a deluxe facial

You have all heard the term; ‘think out of the box’ this is what you need to do with this one.

It works amazingly well.

I have to say, for me, if my beautician offered me something like $60 of a deluxe facial, I would be out there tapping people on the shoulder!

STOP, SIT, THINK AND … do the maths here for one minute.

Let’s just say you get 40 new customers from this and each customer brings per year into your salon $850 each, that is $34,000!  That is a very simple way of working this out.

THINK ABOUT THIS – It hasn’t really cost you much has it to bring in that much, and your salon benefits 100%.

This is something that should be ongoing; you really need to push it, results with will GOBSMACKING!

Salon Marketing: How Can I Promote This In My Salon?

Small Flyers, and or Posters in your Salon, I recommend, changing the flyer every 2 months, so it doesn’t become overlooked by your regulars.  Change the colour of the flyer each time, as honestly clients do notice colour changes in things.

Also Expert Salon Marketing, does have a newsletter, so we can announce this for you in a newsletter send to your clients (very affordable rates) This will then create a huge buzz.

The stylist/therapist etc, can then instigate a conversation around the concept and how the client can benefit from saving money thus creating a fantastic WIN/WIN.

So let’s Recap on the Benefits for YOUR SALON

  • A never ending stream of customer – especially in your quiet times
  • New Clients already see you the “Best in the Business” since they were reffered to you by someone they trusted.
  • Your Old Clients are happy because they are being rewarded for being loyal and giving out recommendations
  • The income level of your Salon Increases and is only limited by YOUR efforts

Salon Marketing Ideas: How Will I Implement This?

Get your Referral Business Cards Printed make sure to have an expiry date on the offer, I advise if you are going to do this all year round make it a 12 months date. Salon Marketing Ideas

Make some small flyers for the Counter of your Salon

Put a Flyer on the Mirrors as a “Talker

Organise a newsletter through  ask for our 2 months FREE Trial

Give each Client 5 cards with a flyer when they pay at reception and explain the referral offer

Send out a newsletter which explains it to ALL your clients along with 5 referral cards

New clients from the Referral Program give 5 cards and explain the referral program. Beauty Salon Marketing


Let the team here know how this goes…

Oh one last thing!

This is referral programme is FABULOUS to fill up the quiet times in your Salon.  You could sit and chart the quiet times and then put conditions on the card. i.e. No Saturdays,  think beyond the square here, there is a lot of money to be made if you do this correctly!

Until Next Time,


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