Hairdressing Advertising in Your Salon

Hairdressing Advertising in Your Salon

If your Salon Hairdressing business is not booming these days then you need to pay more attention on advertizing. Advertizing is everything for a business. Salon Marketing

You need to tell people that you exist and what you offer. Since there is so much competition out there, people also trust products and services that are advertised effectively.

Salon Marketing: Hairdressing Advertising in Your Salon

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For salon Hairdressing advertizing you need to keep a few things in mind. Salon business is all about beauty and giving care and pampering people. So your advertizing campaign should hold the essence of these things.

For starters your business should have a very catchy name and tag line. Something smart and funny always catches people’s attention and they want to have a closer look. Beauty Salon Marketing

Secondly the exterior of your Hairdressing salon should be as catchy and beautiful as the interior, may be even better. Something that catches the attention of the by passers is an effective advertizing tool in its self.

If the entrance of your salon is dull and shabby nobody will give it a second look let alone step inside. But if you have a beautiful entrance with a few of your posters and description of services you will get attention. To top it if you print the word DISCOUNT or FREE in bold you will not believe how many customers you will get.

We all hate discounting buy once you have got the new client through that door, you will with your efforts retain her as a new client. Let us just see the ‘big picture’ when the words ‘discount’ and ‘Free’ are considered.

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Now these are a few on-spot salon Hairdressing advertizing techniques. To attract a larger target group you can advertise in newspapers or radio. You can rent small billboards around the city and pace your advertisement on them.

But remember the same formula apply you have to really sell yourself here. So your advertisement should be catchy. It should be a complete description of what you are and what you offer. Get a good design team to design a pamphlet and a business card for you.

You can leave this pamphlet on various locations like the main supermarket of the area, some crowed club or a popular hangout, in colleges and restaurants and even bus stands and rest rooms. Any place that receives heavy traffic is a good place since it will spread your business.

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I had an arrangement with Centre Management who had signs in the ladies toilets, now that is the way to get exclusive viewing.

Keep in mind that no one is a better advertiser than your client. If your clients and customers are happy with your services they will talk about it. You can even give them incentive to talk about it. You can offer a free manicure or a facial for anyone who refers three customers. Salon Marketing Ideas

Using these techniques you can manage your salon Hairdressing advertising successfully.

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