Salon Marketing: Getting Back “Lost Clients”

Salon Marketing: Getting Back “Lost Clients”

Salon Marketing Ideas: Getting Back “Lost Clients”

All Salons end up with clients who never come back for one reason or another.

What I would like to do today is give you just one idea I used very successfully to get back some of the lost clients, I found I had when I purchased a new salon to add to my Salon chain.

I send them a Personalized Letter, with an offer, to good to miss, plus a follow up letter if they did not respond.

The offer is one you might look at and think, Oh my Stars, I cannot

afford that, HOWEVER, it will bring about results, and will get bums back on seats or bodies back on beds.

It also covers the cost of your products and electricity, basically you would be giving you time.

Salon Marketing Ideas

Salon Marketing Ideas: Getting Back “Lost Clients”

Beauty Salon Marketing: Personalized Letter

So here goes:-

Letter one – Note: this should be sent in a COLOURED envelope with a hand written address etc.  This will ensure it gets opened and read.

Dear ________________________,

I was doing some of my paperwork the other day and noticed that we haven’t seen you for a while.

I wondered if we had done something wrong or something was not quiet to your satisfaction. If this is the case, please let me know.

Please contact me personally on My email address or CALL ME now on Tel:_________

(Name) we value each and every one of our clients, so I thought I might be able to bribe you into coming back to visit us again.

Please accept  and use this letter for a 60% discount towards any of our services.  Plus an additional discount of 30% off your next service if you rebook on the day.

This is only valid until ________________

Thanks (Name)            and look forward to seeing you soon.

Hair Salon name.

Owner’s name

P.S. You must bring this letter with you to obtain the discount

Hair Salon Marketing

Spa Salon Marketing: Follow Up Letter

Follow up letter must be sent if not booked in no more than 10 days later.  Again, send in a coloured envelope with handwritten address.

 Hi _________________

I sent you a letter around 10 days ago.  I have not heard from you, so I thought maybe you did not get it.

If not I am enclosing a copy just in case you didn’t receive this. (enclose the letter)

Ring me now (add your tel #) and book, and I will personally attend to your service.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Hair Salon name

Owner’s name

P.S. This offer of 60% offer expires on (provide expiry date, not too long).

So, what are we looking here – 60% discount?  If a person does not jump at that, they have rocks in their head.  Then 30% after that if they rebook on the day?

A “no brainer” Honestly, I had so many come back to the salon after that. Salon Marketing Online.

All you need to do is attract them back to salon with an offer they cannot refuse, and then give another discount on their second appointment, and you will have many “Regulars” once again.

Pamper them when they arrive, and treat them like royalty, and see where it leads.

Lost customers returning is like finding a gold mine!  Go mine your Gold!

Until Next Time,


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