Salon Marketing: From Crisis Management to Steady Growth

Salon Marketing: From Crisis Management to Steady Growth

Salon Marketing Ideas

Many salon owners never communicate with their customers.  Did you know that?  Sounds silly, but it is true. The only thing many salon marketing owners concentrate on is trying to get new customers by spending thousands and thousands of dollars each year on “pay and pray” marketing approaches.  Their lack of research and knowledge of marketing strategies ends with poor results and moving from one strategy to another to try to find what works.  Not only does this result in no new customers; the money spend can put the salon in a financial crisis.  In fact, many Salons are forced to close because of these failed marketing attempts; resulting in shattered dreams.

Salon Marketing Ideas: From Crisis Management to Steady Growth

Honestly, it does not have to be this way. Let me explain.

If your salon has a drawer full of client cards, then you have a “Gold Mine” waiting for you.  All you have to do is “Mine” the gold! Now I am not saying that getting new customers is not important.  What I’m saying is you must continually keep in contact with your existing customers and increase the average amount spent by each customer in your salon in a very subtle, effective and long term way.

One of these ways is by using a Newsletter.  Now I know many of you proclaim that newsletters are dead, and I constantly hear from salon owners: “but I sent out a newsletter once, it was time consuming and I don’t have time to keep on doing it, and besides the results are not worth it”… Apparently, this point of view is shared by more than a few people.

Salon Marketing: Why Keeping in Contact with Your Existing Customers Through a Newsletter is Important?

I will get onto the “Time consuming” bit later, because I have an answer to that challenge. What I want to do now is discuss with you why keeping in contact with your existing customers through a newsletter is important.

ü  Newsletters are a great way of building loyalty with your clients.

ü  Salon clients like to do business with companies they know, like and trust; which means if a newsletter special offer is structured the right way it can increase your salon’s monthly income dramatically.

ü  New products can be discussed and promoted

ü  Offers made for all important marketing times during the year, e.g., Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Change of Seasons, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Weddings.

I could go on but I am sure you get the message.

Your salon newsletter needs to go out monthly. Yes, that is right monthly. Not one here and one there in a hit and miss way; regularly!  Do this and see your Salon start to have a steady growth in income.

Your offers need to be enticing and cleverly put together; plus have a small portion of good quality information to give to your client and some little tips that can help their appearance.  It’s also a good idea to keep clients updated on any Salon news.

Every Salon has its quiet days of the week, but what if each month you could come with an offer in your newsletter that is only available on those quiet days. Do you think it would work?  Yes of course it would!

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A Newsletter is a Very Versatile But Effective Marketing Tool

Another question I am always being asked is: “Do I send my newsletters out using snail mail, or via the internet (email)?”

My research has shown the best results come from Snail Mail with a nice company mailing label (ask us about creating one for you!).  However, you could test and try, but how many of your mature clients are internet savvy?  However, with snail mail, everyone opens their letters don’t they, but with the internet, it is easy just to delete, delete, delete…..

Well I guess by now, you realise that I am in favour of newsletters as part of your Salon Marketing strategy. However, I do realise that it takes time and a certain amount of know how to put together a quality newsletter, and this is where we can help.

Expert Salon Marketing can do it all for you. You provide us with the information on your monthly specials and we produce the newsletter for you.  You do not have to worry about getting it to look right, spelling, grammar, images, graphics, etc.  Basically, you don’t have to worry about anything! It is a seamless process – all you have to concentrate on is looking after your clients and doing what you do best. Beauty Salon Marketing

We can even help you put together a monthly special if you feel you have not been successful with your offers in the past. Once you learn the art of doing this, you will always feel confident doing this.

Contact us here for more information and after that download a beautiful sample of what your newsletter could look like here.

To your steady business growth.

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