Salon Marketing by Text Messaging

Salon Marketing by Text Messaging

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Many Salon owners bemoan the fact they have slow days, no-shows, and one-time customers who never return, and due to this, they have a love/hate relationship with their salon.

Is it any wonder?  The $$ income lost because of this would be horrendous.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way, honestly, if can tear yourself away from working IN your salon, and work ON your salon and implement what I have to tell you, bums on seats and bodies on beds, with others waiting to take their place will be the “Norm”. Salon Marketing

Salon Marketing Online: How Do You Do That?

Good question, thanks for asking.  It means you have “do” something different, change the way you’re doing things now.  Is it going to be hard? NO WAY, simple, easy and so effective, you will wonder why on earth you have not implemented this before.

In fact, you can get your Junior to do this job for you, EVERY day!

Plain and simple you text your clients who have mobiles and agree to you contacting them via text for reminders and offers, honestly this is so exciting, and means extra $$$’s for your Salon.

Salon Marketing Online: What Do You Text?

hair salon marketing

Everyone’s doing it!

  • Appointment Reminders,
  • Offers if you get a cancellation
  • Special Discounts on Products
  • Coupons,
  • Hair Tips,
  • Beauty Tips,
  • And a whole lot more

YOU are keeping your clients informed; they (your clients) will feel very much part of your salon and will respond if done correctly.

Most people appreciate a reminder regarding their appointment date.  Some may not be able to make it, and will rebook via SMS.  This will cut down on your NO SHOWS.

If a person has to change their booking, you now SMS out to your clients who are not booked in for that month a special offer.

Example: “available booking, Deluxe facial 5pm Tuesday 27th – 15% off, book now”

How many do you think will text back, a reply?  Now, what if you get more than one reply for the same booking?

Accept one, to the other text for example “booking taken, however, have one available Thursday 29th, 4.30pm same discount will apply”.

YOU LOOK for an opening, as you have someone red hot and ready to purchase service, even if you have to work a little O/T it is worth it.

Cancellation on day of appointment Text   “Available TODAY 3.30, cut, colour 10% off”.

You are giving discounts by the way as a way of filling these spots quickly, and having a body on a bed or a bum in the seat.

On your slow days, send out offers for that day. (Send them out early or the NIGHT before.  Send out product offers especially on those days.  Why? They come in for a product, and more often than not will say; oh can you fit me in for a trim?  Can you fit “Little Johnny” in for a hair cut after school?”  It jogs memories, and calls people into action.

I am sure if you look at the list, you can produce more things to text about. Salon Marketing Ideas

The last stats I read were that 97% of all texts sent were read, and over 25% of people used their smart phones to access the internet.

Texting and internet usage via phones is not going away, it is only going to get bigger.

Bring your Salon into the 21st century, and use this technology to increase your salons earnings.

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