Salon Contracts The Good The Bad The Ugly

Salon Contracts The Good The Bad The Ugly

Salon Employment Contracts

Hair Salon Marketing Salon Contracts

Hair Salon Marketing Salon Contracts

Salon Owners put themselves in a position of vulnerability I believe if they do not use Employment Contracts to protect the business they have created.


Would you buy a house without a contract or rent out property not knowing what your legal obligations were to the owner.  I have never done that.


Think about it, the following employees have Employment contracts, accountants, lawyers, real estate workers, McDonalds workers, Centrelink staff, Government workers.  The list is endless so why are that hair stylists or beauticians have such an issue actually being offered an employment contract!


How many times I have heard Salon owners and I have been one myself say the following;-

“My top stylist who I have trusted for years has stolen the clients’ from their Salon”.


I agree the customer has the right to walk wherever she may chose to walk but how did she get to walk down this path.


My issue is ‘how’ do the existing customer who has been coming into your Salon for years get to find out in the first place that your ‘top stylist’ is leaving


The Bad

Hair Salon Marketing Salon Employment

How did the customer get to know that the rates in this Salon just ‘happen’ to be less than where she is sitting at the moment.


How did the data base of all these clients end up in your top stylist’s possession.


That is what needs to be considered rather than the customer chosing to leave.


I have signed contracts previously which precluded me from working within a 3 mile zone, I had no issues with that as had no intention of opening a Salon at the time.


Salon owners deserve to protect themselves by asking for contracts and if the stylist has issues with it she can go elsewhere, That is her choice.


The Benefits

Hair Salon Marketing Salon Employment Contracts

By putting employment contracts, Policy and Procedures Manual for Salons in place then this then leaves you with the professional staff that your Salon deserves. It creates a buffer between you and the employee and if her intentions are not good from the start, she will walk away and go to another salon.


If you wish to contact me Kim re obtaining contracts


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