What makes a Salon super successful by allowing the owners and management to focus on improving the business instead of dealing with the daily grind?

ecover for P and PAnswer: Their Policy and Procedures Manual

A Policy and Procedures manual is a recipe for success.  It has all the key ingredients that can be followed by others to produce the same result.  This is vitally important as without things written down to refer to mayhem can reign strong.

As a salon owner, you want everything in your salon to run like clock work, whether you are in attendance or not; and a Policy and Procedures Manual allows for this.

The Policy and Procedures Manual for a Salon should be used as a guideline for answers to questions that Managers and employees frequently ask and/or situations that arise from time to time. It is not intended to be a contractual agreement of any kind; however, all managers and employees of that salon should be expected to follow the document as part of their employment practice.

By doing this, it:

  • Sets clear, precise and easy to follow standards, systems and procedures
  • Becomes part of your induction of all new staff  members, and saves time with all repetitive training
  • Can be referred to when needed for disciplinary action
  • Allows for consistent high standards to be achieved by all staff members as it shows your staff that your salon is 100% professional


All of us at Expert Salon Marketing realise that many salons do not have such a document to guide them, because the Salon owner just is too busy to sit and write such a document. With this in mind, and our years of experience in this industry, we have created the “Hair Salon and Spa Policy and Procedures Manual”.

A document that has your success in mind and covers all aspects of the following in precise detail

  • Salon Operations
  • Money Handling
  • Accounts
  • Wages
  • Phones
  • Reception
  • Cleaning and Sterilization
  • Treatment rooms
  • Safety
  • First Aid
  • Staff –  including –
  • Conduct & appearances
  • Sick days
  • Holidays
  • Overtime
  • Harassment
  • Employment Policies
  • Confidentiality
  • Security
  • Customer Service
  • Management and Administration
  • Occupational Health and Safety


And also includes, business forms and Templates

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your Salon as successful as you want it?
  • Do you have to be in attendance at all times in order for your salon to run correctly?
  • Does your staff have clear and concise systems to adhere to?
  • Do you have problems with staff discipline?
  • Do you need help with staff induction?


The result is a 42-page, 11,000 word Salon Manual that can be tailored to work with any salon business.  Just think of all the time it would take you to research and write a document of that size!!

The price of our Salon Policies and Procedures Manual is $1500.00 USD (plus sales tax if you live in Australia).  Well worth it if you consider the above.  We also have employment contracts if you need those as well.  If the price is an issue we can also do it in 5 installments of $300 USD, but if you pay all up front we will throw in the 2 employment contracts free of charge!

If you’ve answered NO to any of the questions above, please contact us today to find out how to get your own policy and procedures manual for your salon.

As an added bonus, Expert Salon Marketing will give you a FREE salon website check-up to make sure your salon website is being found by customers and in good standing with the almighty Google.  If you don’t have a website, we can also offer a free quote and consultation on creating a website for your business.

If you’re ready to purchase, just click the BUY NOW button below.  The payment terms will be $300 per week for 5 weeks.



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