Importance of a Policy and Procedures Manual – Salon Marketing

Importance of a Policy and Procedures Manual – Salon Marketing

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I hear so often from salon owners that they’re having problems with their staff.  For example:

“My staff are doing the wrong things when it comes to client assessments”, “I don’t like my staff doing XYZ”,  “I wish my staff understood how I like things”.  My question to you: have you got a policy and procedures manual?  If so, have your got your staff to read it?

99.9% of the time, I get a resounding “A what?” so I repeat: “A Policy and Procedures Manual.  If you had one, most of your staff problems would fade away”. Salon Marketing Online

How can your staff know what you want and how you want things done without a Policy and Procedures manual?  Managers and employees should have rules laid out for them in such a document that is accessible; and also make sure that they have read it and fully understand.

Hair Salon Marketing Policy and Procedures

Hair Salon Marketing Policy and Procedures


Salon Marketing: Importance of a Policy and Procedures Manual

“Policies are rules, principles and guidelines an organization’s management adopts to reach its long-term goals. They shape all important decisions and activities. Procedures are the steps employees conduct in day-to-day operations to ensure that what they do reflects and supports existing policies. When faithfully followed, well-written policies and procedures promote efficiency, effectiveness and consistency while upholding the organization‘s philosophy or “vision.”…Barbara Bryant…

Once established, the policies and procedures ensure that the Salons way of conducting business does not deteriorate as time goes by.  It also promotes the smooth running of the business and that its high standards are upheld even if the key people in the salon are not available. By making sure everyone follows them to the letter, even new employees can learn how the Salon works and what is expected of each of the Salon employees.

The Owner of the Salon and the Salon Manager need to review and update the policies and procedures periodically to reflect intentional and organizational changes.

I would like you think for a moment about some of the problems you go through with you staff in your salon.  For the sake of this post, let’s say you and your staff member were at odds over the dress code.  Don’t you think it would be simple to direct the staff member to the Policy and Procedures manual and say, “Could you please review the dress code section of the policy and procedures manual?  It would be appreciated if you would follow these rules”. This will prevent the situation from escalating into an argument, which would be detrimental to the salon.

When it comes to any confrontation on how something should be done, what is written in the manual should be the deciding factor.  Obviously there will be situations where the manual does not cover the entire scope of the situation.  In this case, the manager and owner will have final say and the situation should be added to the manual for future reference.

Where Do You Get Such a Manual? From Expert Salon Marketing of Course!

I have written a thorough Policy and Procedures Manual based on my many years of owning and operating hair salons.  The Manual is such that it would suit any salon in any part of the world.  All the hard work has been taken care of by us.  All you need to do is understand what is in the manual and get each of your staffers to read and understand what is written and implement same.

Chances are that there will be sections that are either not pertinent to your salon or perhaps services/procedures that your salon performs that are not included in the manual.  Whatever the case, Expert Salon Marketing will work with you to make sure that the manual is specifically tailored to your business. Hair Salon Marketing Ideas

It has been written so you can have a smooth running Salon where, if implemented correctly, there should be no problems with staff or between staff.  The staff will actually be happier as they will have “Tracks to run on” so to speak.  Also, your clients will be happier because the salon would have a much sharper focus and higher standards.

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