A Picture Tells A Thousand Words – Salon Marketing

salon marketingHow many of us go the cinema, watch television, and go onto You tube for information on how to do this or simply watching music instead of listening to it.

You can now take advantage of this new media and use this in your Salon and you can then be one up on your competitors down the road.

We can provide you with Salon Marketing Videos that will greatly assist your Rankings in Google’s eyes. It has been proven that Google rewards you and moves your rankings up 8 times faster using this tool

If you use Videos wisely these ‘act’ or behave 8 times faster in Google’s eyes than just looking at your website in the written word format.

Salon Marketing: What Does This Mean To You As A Salon Owner

Your customers will assist you to get higher rankings by watching your Videos that we create to increase your exposure with both new clients and your existing clients.

play-videoImagine someone coming into your website for the first time and seeing your salon directly on your website or Face book and will be able to decide immediately that you are the Salon for them, you will engage with them instantaneously. Salon Marketing

Salon Marketing: What Can You Use Them For

Salon gossip, use your own customers before and after shots and we can embed that into your unique Video. You can also create a buzz through promotions of new or old stock, specials, weddings, the list is endless. Salon Marketing Online

We create videos for your Salon, you provide us with details of what you would like to promote and leave the rest to us.