Hair Salon Marketing Policy and Procedures

Hair Salon Marketing Policy and Procedures

Are You Fed Up of Dealing With The Run of the Mill Stuff In Your Salon?

Hair Salon Marketing Policy and Procedures

Hair Salon Marketing Policy and Procedures



Been there got the T. Shirt.


Hair Salon Marketing can take many forms and as a salon owner, you want everything in your salon to run like clockwork, whether you are in attendance or not; and a Policy and Procedures Manual allows for this.


How many times in one given day do you have your staff asking you questions all the time, when in reality they know the answers but do not want to be accountable or take any responsibility for what they do.


Sound familiar.

When you are running around like a headless chicken trying to run your business and work ‘in’ your business, it is not easy.


Hair Salon Marketing: Can You Leave Your Salon and Have Peace of Mind?


Hair Salon Marketing. Is it as easy as it sounds, you want to have some time off, or even a day off and you are constantly worrying about whether your Salon Ship will run smoothly without any hiccups.


How many times have you had numerous telephone calls on your day off for mundane issues that could be easily sorted, if your staff used some common sense.


The Policy and Procedures Manual for any Salon should be used as a guideline for answers to questions that Managers and employees frequently ask and/or situations that arise from time to time.


It is not intended to be a contractual agreement of any kind; however, all managers and employees of your salon should be expected to follow the document as part of their employment practice.


By doing this, it sets clear, precise and easy to follow standards, systems and procedures becomes part of your induction of all new staff members, and saves time with all repetitive training.


Salon Marketing: Can Your Salon Run Smoothly When You are Not In it?


Salon Policy and Procedures

Salon Policy and Procedures


Can be referred to when needed for disciplinary action.


Allows for consistent high standards to be achieved by all staff members as it shows your staff that your salon is 100% professional.


All of us at Expert Salon Marketing realize that many salons do not have such a document to guide them, because the Salon owner just is too busy to sit and write such a document. With this in mind, and our years of experience in this industry, we have created the Hair Beauty and Spa Staff Policy and Procedures Manual.


Hair Beauty and Spa Staff Policy and Procedures Manual  that has your success in mind and covers all aspects of the following in precise detail.


Is Your Salon Having the Following Issues and You need to ask yourself the following questions:


Hair Salon Policy and Procedures

Hair Salon Policy and Procedures

Is your Salon as successful as you want it to be?

Do you have to be in attendance at all times in order for your salon to run correctly?

Do you have problems with staff discipline?

Do you need help with staff induction?


What are some of the topics included in this Book?


Salon Operating Times

Contact Telephone Numbers

Probationary Period

Staff conduct


Consultation with clients

This is simply a sample of what you can expect to find in a Hair, Beauty and Spa Staff Policy and Procedures Manual.

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