Hair Salon Marketing: Bringing in New Clients

Hair Salon Marketing: Bringing in New Clients

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to discuss an amazing and fun way to get new clients.

Getting new clients is not the be all, end all of Salon Marketing.  You must always look after the clients you have, however, some portion of your marketing budget should be spent on attracting new clients. Salon Marketing Kits

Talking about marketing budgets…you do have one, don’t you?  It is a must you should have a yearly budget for marketing your salon and have it broken down into the 12 months of the year (as some months may need more funding than others).  You should also have a marketing plan where you look at existing clients, new clients and even try to win back clients that have left the salon.

Spa Salon Marketing: Let’s Talk About Getting New Clients

I believe that getting new clients should be fun and that you should use your existing clients to help you.  Yes, you read that right.  Leverage your existing clients! Every client who puts a backside on your salon seat can help you as long as you make it fun and they get something worthwhile out of it.  So let’s explore why.

Think about how many women you know that live in your area and make a list if you wish.  I am sure you could come up with 5 or 6 or even more.

Out of those clients, do you think you could come up with one that would come to a fun night with you?  A night where you both got some goodies, champagne, a gift voucher and had a salon treatment of some kind even if it was a manicure?   Yes?  Well your clients are no different.

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Salon Marketing Ideas

So here is one idea that I know works well

The whole idea is invite your clients to the salon and bring a guest with them who is not a client of your Salon.  They each book (and pay for) something from your hair or beauty menu.  When they are at the Salon, you serve them a complimentary glass of bubbly, and then feed them something like fresh strawberries and chocolate or bubbly and a cheese platter.  You could even make it Italian by serving wine, cheese and fresh crusty bread and a few olives.

The client who brings the guest gets a Voucher (Make it generous, you decide on the amount) to use on their next visit, plus 30% (or 35% or more if you can afford it) off any products purchased.  The guest, if she books another appointment with you, gets the same.  Your staff would have done such a great job that the guest would want to rebook anyway, plus there is incentive of having the voucher to use when she comes back……everyone wins……

It’s best to set nights aside for this to make it a real social occasion!  A real fun night where the salon is full, your girls are laughing and doing a great job, the clients and their guests are having a ball, the bubbly gets everyone giggly, and the food, WOW!

This really does work. One salon I advised to do this does this every 4 months and holds these nights over period of 1 month and 3 nights per week and is ALWAYS FULL.  What’s more, she has increased her new client ratio over 12 months substantially.

Combined with the red hot specials she sends out via snail mail and puts up on her website, her salon is always full.  Her bottom line increases each year and her new clients then bring in new clients of their own.

Example of a special put together – this is sent out in Invite style – snail mail, plus put on your website…

You are invited to our “Champagne, Chocolate and Strawberry” Nights

These are being held every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Nights, from the 1st to the 31st of next month.

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Time: from 4pm with our last appointment being taken at 8pm.

For those of you who have not taken advantage of one of our nights, it’s simple:  You book with a friend or family member who has not come to the salon before.  Purchase anything from our hair or beauty menu and you receive a free glass of Bubbly, fresh strawberries and chocolate to enjoy before, during (if you can) or after. It turns out to be a great social occasion.  Added gifts come your way as well!

You get a gift voucher valued at $50 from us to be used with your next appointment.  A thank you for introducing someone new to our Salon

If your guest re-books an appointment she also receives a Gift Voucher to use on her next appointment.

If any products are purchased you receive them at 30% off!

Plus you both go away with some hand made chocolate to eat on the way home!

Now you would need your Salon Staff to co-operate, but honestly these nights can be fun and very profitable for your salon especially in the long run. Salon Marketing Companies

You can use your imagination and change what they have to eat.

Once the client and her guest have received their treatments and have paid you, take their photo before they leave and then upload to your website. Make each client and guest feel important and special….this goes a long way in client retention.

Let me know your results,


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