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Thread: Is your stylist self promoting or does she just take appointments

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    Is your stylist self promoting or does she just take appointments

    Salon staff need to know right from the ‘get go’ what is expected of them.

    If you don’t give them targets and goals then you will find this ‘entitlement’ from a staff member of simply coming to work is all is really expected of them.

    That’s when the policy and procedures manual assisted me in delivering this very message. Everything I want and expect from this is all laid out in black and white.

    The amount of times that were quiet and instead of being proactive in trying to get more work into the salon they would rather stand in the back room vegetating.

    Get them delivery flyers to promote themselves and offer some kind of incentive to get a new client through the door who would never have thought of coming in if it wasn't for this compelling offer. I mean your staff member is sitting there anyway doing nothing. So why not get 80% of something that is better than 100% of nothing.

    They should be carrying business cards in the handbag, promoting themselves on their face book is a possibility.

    Do your stylists just sit around and hope for the best? Then at the end of the week wonder why they have not reached their agreed target.
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    One Salon I know started a "New thing" with their stylists, for when they were quiet during the day, something so simple and easy, but worked a treat, and added more appointments to the salons books and more "Cha Ching" to the cash register.

    What is it? For everyone who had changed their hair style, or even got a different colour, it was a phone call to ask how they were handling the style!

    This promoted some good conversation apparently, and added to product sales, and also on their beauty side, added, to the number of eye brow tints and lash tints.

    Often the client had changed the colour of their hair - but still had not purchased any Shampoo and 'Conditioner to help the colours stay in longer, so the stylist would then say, "I am delighted you are loving the new colour, can I ask one thing, are you using XYZ colour Shampoo and conditioner, I cannot see that you are on the card ... if not, they gave the benefits of using this to the client, who would more often than not the client would pop in and buy.

    Also, upon discussion of the new colour and the new style, the stylist would recommend an eye brow tint to really show off the face and give it more definition along with the new style etc. this was then booked over the phone and the client returned!

    Also, if the client had not rebooked at the time (some do and some don't) they would rebook, to keep the style looking great!

    I am sure you get the drift.

    Clients love to feel you take an interest in them, done correctly the client feels "Loved and cherished" and will "Give themselves up" so to speak and produce more income for you.

    Cost? 1 x phone call and your stylist's time, when she is not busy!

    Easy as don't you think?

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    Most of us are competitive by nature. One trick that will have your staff bringing in new clients and upsells is to place a chart in the break room with a monthly tally of new clients brought in and upsells from each staff member. At the end of each month, reward the top promoter with a gift. The better the gift, the harder they will work at it.

    And don't stop with just rewards at the end of each month. Have a yearly prize for the staff member who has sold the most upsells and brought in the most new clients for the year. Make it big, like 2 weeks paid leave or an all expenses paid cruise. I guarantee increased profits if you implement this.

    Just so you know. I thought about saving this reply for the VIP section, but thought I would give the regular members a taste of what they can expect in the private forum!

    Take care,

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