If one of your stylists repeatedly swears in your salon this can amount to misconduct.

Having said that this is about sometimes a 'cultural' environment and if this has been allowed to go on then how can you now reasonable expect to dismiss staff on this basis as the 'standard' has been set.

Also was the swearing said in a jovial manner or was it done in an aggressive manner.

Who was the stylist swearing at as this could be construed as serious misconduct.

As you can see there is not a black and white answer but a lot of 'grey' to consider.

If you are considering going down the road of dismissal for serious misconduct other factors also need to be taken on board.

Do you employ 15 or more staff and if that is the case then you must follow a well documented form of dismissal laid down by the Fair work. You must go through this 'step by step' process otherwise you may well find yourself in deep deep muddy waters.

Before taking any such action consider what you should be doing under the guidelines laid out by the Fair-work and remember you have also the Hair Federation to contact.

Has anyone had difficulties in this area in your salon?