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Thread: Are you just treading water all the time?

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    Are you just treading water all the time?

    I did a small research project the other day to see how many hairdressers were still trading.

    I selected a random 120 in my area and the figure that came back was that 23% had closed their doors in the last two years.

    Now this does not mean it would be the same worldwide but it's a bit scary. Are you seing many salons closing down in your area?

    You are no longer able to rely on just loyal customers because the salon industry has dramatically changed since the Global Financial Crisis.

    On the up side you now have tools available that we never had before Face-book and good web sites that will earn you money provided they are done correctly

    Are you getting new customers through this method?
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    The challenge I see for many Salon Owners is the fact they are too busy working "IN" the business and not "ON" the business and the salons just implode through lack of new life and upselling of services and products to existing clientèle.

    These are some of things I noticed and then ultimately discussed with the Salon Owner of where I have been going Loyally for 30 years now (Yes it has changed hands during that time )

    Lack of time to promote a Facebook page
    Lack of time to even have a website and manage it, however, even if she did have time, she felt she did not have the expertise to manage them.

    Lack of clients therefore could not afford not to work "IN" her business to work "ON" her business she would need far more clients and income coming into the salon.

    Didn't know how to create profitable special offers

    Existing staff, not upselling products, which could easily have happened during the clients treatment.

    Phone going to answer machine if everyone busy (A BIG NO, NO, NO!!)

    No up selling done on the phone

    We have discussed these things at length and steps have been put into place to help with many of them and her business has done a great turn around.

    How many of you are suffering from similar challenges?


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