Newsletters Are Vital In Your Salon

expert salon marketingWhen was the last time you sat down and read a Newspaper? Why do you do this.

It just keeps you in touch with the world and what is happening around you.

A Salon Newsletter is a valuable communication channel between you and your clients which is patiently waiting for you to exploit.

Expert Salon Marketing Newsletters

It is not a new method, but unfortunately it is drastically underutilized by traditional ‘brick and mortar’ businesses like yours. It has evolved over the years, which has allowed Expert Salon Marketing to offer you an exciting variety of platforms in order to get your message to your current and potential clients. Use them in.


  • Emails
  • Print
  • Face book

I have used these in my Salons and they do work. The clients just love the interaction and it keeps them well aware of your branding/image which you have worked so hard to achieve.

The real strength of this type of communication is that you can create a platform for your salon to become a social and business hub within your community. A variety of different messages and notices can be transmitted within these publications to appeal to current and potential clients with varying interests. Topics such as:

  • Monthly specials
  • Information on Skin Care
  • Information on Hair Care
  • Product Launches
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Bridal Preparation Events
  • Awards
  • Social Occasions
  • Staff Birthdays
  • Client’s Birthdays

This Salon Marketing tool is greatly under estimated and underutilized. Salon Marketing Newsletters have the capacity to impart to your clientele a feeling of belonging and their participation is both welcome and potentially a very rewarding experience. The extent of its reach is only limited by your imagination.

Consider Well the Potency of This Salon Marketing Tool

Do not assume that all of your clients will want to engage with you via their Smart phones, communication can be in many different forms and the older generations do prefer this