Beauty Salon Marketing – Your Salon Manager

Beauty Salon Marketing – Your Salon Manager

Your Salon Manager – An Angel Made in Heaven or a Toxic Waste Dump?


Beauty Salon Marketing – Your Salon Manager

Beauty Salon Marketing

Many Salon Owners employ a Salon manager, as they do not wish to work in the Salon or the Salon is a business investment.  Great idea you might say, well yes and no.

A Salon Manager must be many things but one thing she/he cannot be is managing YOU the Salon Owner.

As with all business risks, the right Salon Manager will be an asset, your business will flourish and the profits roll in, however, if the risk turns sour, the Salon Manager can cause disharmony within the salon, leach profits and turn what was a good investment into one, you cannot even sell for a Penny!

Before employing a Salon Marketing manager, every Salon Owner needs to have a good POLICY AND PROCEDURES MANUAL that should be adhered to by the Manager her/himself and all the staff.

This will then arm you the Owner with a fall back position and a redress if your manager has failed to carry out your specific instructions or has does the job poorly.  The manual will help also control the staff in regards to any issue in any given situation, so no ambiguity will remain.

Hair Salon Marketing: What are the Attributes for a Great Manager?

Trustworthy  and honesty. Should go without saying you tell yourself, however, does it also ring true with the salon manager?

As an Business Owner, the 100% primary risk taker IS YOU,  do not assume for one minute that just because Salon Manager is giving you ‘lip service’ then she/he will also have the same integrity and the same goals for your business as you do.

Do you really know her beliefs?

Have you taken the time and trouble to do a personality test?    ( you will find free testing is available)

Have you checked out thoroughly ALL past employers, all references, and also spoken to some of the salon staff, where she used to manage or work as a senior.

In other words “Buyer Beware” or to put it another way, Take TIME to do through background checks of the person you put in charge of YOUR Business.  Plus make sure you have weekly meetings where 100% accountability is needed.

I think if you spoke to 100 Salon Owners who had a Salon manager, a VAST percentage of them would have had problems.

If you feel you cannot do the above, then EMPLOY through a reputable agency.  An agency will do ALL the above for you.  It may cost you a little (Business expense, you can claim on your tax)however, the results would be worth it.  You would of course still need the weekly meetings and 100% accountability.


A really good hair salon manager needs to be able to enforce discipline in your salon.

Are your team on the ‘same page’, do they know your salon goals and what direction you want to take?

Are they fully aware of the consequences if they under perform.

Again, the Policy and Procedures Manual comes into play here.


A Manager running around without focus and direction is NOT good look or feel for your salon, and certainly will unsettle staff and will result in your manager blaming others for her inadequacies.

The Manager needs to be able to delegate where appropriate and not totally abdicate her position, which many do.  A Salon Manager, getting their money for doing little work, whilst getting all other salon staff to do, most of her/his work is not on, and as a Spa Salon Marketing Owner, you must keep an eye on this.


A Salon manager must be super efficient and effective in her own job and in supporting the Salon Staff.

Once again to set the bar YOU NEED in YOUR salon, a good QUALITY Policy and Procedures Manual will help in this regard.  This is “Law” so to speak, the buck will stop with what is written in that manual.

Salon Marketing Ideas: A Parting Thought

YOUR Salon Manager is there to help YOU grow YOUR BUSINESS, and keep things running smoothly, whilst you attend to all your other business matters.  She/he is not there to devalue your business asset.

If the Salon Manager does not perform as well as you need her/him to, you MUST take evasive action, which is YOU ARE FIRED!

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