10 Ways to Lose Your Clients

10 Ways to Lose Your Clients

Beauty Salon Marketing: 10 Ways to Lose Your Clients

Many Salons take for granted their clients and quite honestly some Salons treat their clients with contempt and should never open their doors.

The following sentence is probably the most important one you will read in a long, long time. Salon Marketing Online

“The way you treat your clients determines whether they return to your salon”

You can bet if you don’t make your client feel special and valued they will walk with their feet.

I have sat in Salons with the Managers and Owners almost in tears, wondering why customers do not return or even better walk out before their treatment. Hair Salon Marketing

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Salon Marketing: 10 Ways to Shut Your Salon Doors

So, here are 10 ways to shut your salon doors!

  1. Do not acknowledge your clients as they walk through the door “Hello – Am I invisible??”.
  2.  Leave your clients sitting waiting for more than 10 minutes for attention “Hey I got here on time, at least say sorry for the delay and give me a cup of coffee or something”.
  3. Talking to Friends and Family on the phone, whilst in the middle of a treatment “Is this person dying?  If not then please give me your 100% undivided attention, I am paying your wages you know”.
  4. Gossiping about other clients whilst giving you your treatment “What the hell are they saying about me behind my back?”.
  5. Talking about their personal trials and tribulations whilst giving you your treatment then ask YOUR Opinion – “Hello I am here to be pampered, not listen to your trashy sordid life”.
  6. Coughing and Spluttering whilst giving you a treatment, blowing nose in tissue then not washing hands – yuk –  “Hello – if you’re that sick, go home and re-book my appointment – I don’t want your germs”.
  7. Not answering questions asked about hair or treatment – “Hello, you are supposed to be the experts here, I am paying you to advise me as well as give a treatment”.
  8. Obvious Tension between staff members – “Look cut out this crap!  If I wanted to sit in an atmosphere you could cut with a knife and feel the tension I would be at home watching a soap”.
  9. Loud music, so loud that you have to raise your voice to be heard “If I wanted to yell, and go deaf, I would do it in style and not in this crummy salon.
  10. An Apprentice Washing your hair at the basin and spraying water down your neck and over your clothes and even over your face  “Hey I had a shower before I came here you idiot”.


I could go on … but I am sure you get the message. Salon Marketing Ideas

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