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Spa Salon Marketing – You’re Fired!!

In every Salon there is one staff member that is high maintenance!  They spit the dummy at every turn, love drama in front of the clients, and keep the other staff members in continual turmoil. I can see you’re nodding your head in agreement, so you know what I am talking about. Spa Salon Marketing…

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Salon Marketing: “How To” Get Clients WITHOUT Too Much Effort?

HOW??  That is what you saying right?  Easy! A Simple Referral program! Now I can just hear a gasp from many of you – Many of you will think “Fantastic, show me how, I think that is one great idea for my salon” Then others will think “A referral Programme, Man do they want to…

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Marketing Salon and Spa: Firing Clients

Hair Salon Marketing: Firing Clients Why Don’t You just Go and Fire that client-you know which one I am talking about…. No matter what Salon you are, and where in the world you are, we all have “That Client” the one you would gladly get rid of if only you had the nerve. Salon Marketing Kits…

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