You have invested heavily into your Hair Salon, Beauty Salon and Spa Salon and can’t really understand ‘why’ your efforts are not producing the returns like they used to in your business and you find yourself at a loss to understand what it is you are doing wrong;Yellow pages used to work, but now it doesn’t.,You know you have to do some Salon Marketing for your business, but what, how, when

I could go on, but I think you know exactly what I am raving on about.

The Internet has changed everything and now as a Salon Owner it’s just no longer a question of working ‘in’ your Business but you have to work ‘on’ your Business.

You the Salon owner are now expected to run your Salon and deal with all your Staff, plus market your salon through the “New Ways” on the internet, and that’s before you pay yourself and go home to your other life where you start it all over again!

How Many Hats Can You Wear In One Day

Pressure Pressure Pressure!

Is it any wonder your salon is not doing so well or that you are thinking a “Business For Sale” sign should go up!

Because I have been where you are now AND WON I decided to set up a system that can take all the pressure away from you, a system which will allow you more freedom to work ‘in’ your business, which is what you love doing isn’t it?

With this system, you will bring in more revenue those important $$$$$’s. Remember that is why you are in business.


Salon Policy and Procedures Manual

1. Policy and Procedures

Sets clear, precise and easy to follow standards,  Salon systems and procedures for new and existing staff. Saves time with Timekeeping of your Salon Staff. Suitable for casual and full-time staff.  Eliminate ambiguities. Get it all down in writing so everyone is clear.

Your Salon Business can now run like clockwork. All of us at Expert Salon Marketing realize that many salons do not have such a document to guide them, because the Salon owner just is too busy to sit and write such a document. With this in mind, and our years of experience in this industry, we have created the “Hair Salon and Spa/Beauty Policy and Procedures Manual.

All that is required to run a Salon and take you to the next level as your Salon continues to grow. Click here to see what is on the inside

“>Salon Employment Contracts

contract 2

Sets clear and  precise and easy to follow standards, systems and procedures for new staff. Saves time with Timekeeping of your Salon Staff.  For casual and full-time staff. Eliminate ambiguities. Get it all down in writing so everyone is clear on the job expectations

Hair Stylist and Salon Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Situation in a Hair salon

Eliminate ambiguities for casual and full-time staff. Get it all down in writing so everyone is clear on their job expectations

Benefits, written contracts used

  • Benefits, written contracts used
  • Employee Satisfaction
  •  Employee will feel more wanted and will be more loyal

“>Evergreen Salon System

A Ready to Go Salon Business in a Box System that will explode salon sales by acquiring old and new clients and get your existing clients to spend more without even trying.

The Evergreen Salon System includes:

Salon Newsletters

Two ready to use newsletters. All you have to do is insert your latest offer and go. You know there are some clients you haven’t seen in awhile. Reach out to them with these tried and true templates Use them online or in your salon.

Salon Videos

Two videos that can be used on your website, Facebook and You Tube channel, to promote your offers, promotions. These will be unique to your own Salons requirements. We will also upload this to your You tube video channel as well

Evergreen Salon System

Acquiring new clients. It costs 5-10 times more to bring these into your salon. Reach out to them with these tried and true templates which can bring new clients through your door year after year.

Salon Personal Development Program

A complete guide as to how you should implement your Evergreen Salon System.

This will provide you with more freedom in your Salon take all the thinking out of this.

A complete Roadmap that you can use for your Salon year after year-Evergreen.
Salon Coaching

One to one coaching sessions consisting of four half an hour each over a 6 week period to assist you through the Evergreen System.

This is invaluable and priceless; we will assist you all the way. Conducted by Skype to Skype calls

Do not worry if you do not have a paypal account you can pay by credit card.


Gold Managent Package


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